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Experimental Theatre

Panikós – physical and mental frontiers
(Inspired by Paul Virilo book’s and observation of everyday life)

The Panikós performance is based on study of the mental and physical frontiers that the state of panic has generated in modern society.

By analyzing social reactions to these new forms of panic, the work generates and explores an atmosphere in which human rights lose their force and the temptation to make concessions so as to ward off danger grows relentlessly.

What would you sacrifice to protect yourself?
This is the central question of the piece.

Sinopsis: Two people in a circular room talk about the best way to identify a terrorist, initiating a piece of theatre that asks where violence comes from and what the possible victims might or might not do to protect themselves. The torturer’s reasons, the victims’ last thoughts, and the culprit’s vision of a perfect life combine in a swift and powerful series of scenes, where the struggle to life in safety is not always so different from the slow death of small animals.