Supporting Children’s Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media

The ILO’s International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) was created in 1992 with the overall goal of the progressive elimination of child labour, which was to be achieved through strengthening the capacity of countries to deal with the problem and promoting a worldwide movement to combat child labour

The SCREAM programme offers a unique opportunity to engage a wide range of community actors and organizations in the promotion of social justice and universally recognized human and labour rights.

The education pack, which forms the basis of the SCREAM programme, is made up of 14 educational modules and a User’s Guide. The SCREAM modules enable young people to express themselves through different forms of artistic media, such as drama, creative writing, music and the visual arts in a manner specific to their culture and traditions. In addition to raising their own awareness and that of their peers, young people gain skills and confidence to address their message to their families, friends, neighbours, teachers, local communities and authorities. In this way, young people and adults become partners for social change.

The modules are flexible “building blocks” that they can be adapted to the educators’ context and their constraints, whether in time or resources. They are intended to be adaptable to any geographical or cultural context and to any formal or non-formal setting. The activities may be part of a year-long education programme or a short workshop – activities should be planned to suit the conditions and needs of those involved.

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