Theatre, Taal en Kunst use theatre and art as an efficient, effective way to learn and practice a foreign language.

Theater, Taal en Kunst.

Practicing a language that we do not know too well requires a special effort. Theatre helps us get over the barrier.

Theater, Taal en Kunst is the ideal way to develop fluency in a language and strengthen the learning process.

The goal of Theater, Taal en Kunst is to help participants practise a foreign language by creating opportunities to talk.

Theater, Taal en Kunst uses art to assist language learning for a number of reasons:

1.   Theater, Taal en Kunst has an integral approach to whatever we wish to learn, and anchors the process in the body: first I feel something in my body, then I express the sensation or image. This makes it easier to assimilate new words.

2.   Theatre and dance help to create a relaxed and fun environment in which  a  participant’s  sense  are open and receptive.

3.   By making communication between participants unavoidable, everyone learns by necessity and not by rote.

4.   Theatre en art helps recreate situations that are close to reality, enabling people from different cultures to meet, reducing tensions , and helping overcome fear of the unknown.


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