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Hombre muerde perro (FILM)

Film & TV


Feature film

100 minutes

Parcial interactive film ( IA)

Karina Marques, a famous CEO, owner and creator of the OOMS2020 platform, is forced to be locked up in quarantine with Patricio Kavanagh, a skilled hacker and employee of her company. The pandemic breaks out just as they launch the OOMS 2020 platform. Due to an overbooking in the main hotel, Patricio must live in the same Airbnb as the owner of the company, an elegant two-apartment loft facing a bucolic mountain. Excessive alcohol abuse, constant loss of house keys, code changes, and the reality of the pandemic makes the two of them unclear about their objectives and get carried away by a technological and emotional labyrinth, consistent with the space and life in these time.

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