She Vanishes in the Air | Medea73

She Vanishes in the Air

Experimental Theatre

She Vanished in the Air is a new 1hr multimedia piece of game theatre created by Argentinian director Lorena Briscoe. Inspired by the disappearance of women globally, 2 artists collaborate to create an audio-visual reconstruction of the case of a woman who went for a walk with her dog and never came back.

The audience and participates in the investigation by using an innovative interactive app we created, voting, commentating on, or cancelling suspects. The play challenges perceptions of social networks & cancel culture by asking what happened to the woman & who has the right & obligation to tell her story.

One hour show in width audience members serve as either spectators or followers involved in voting and commenting. The audience will divide into two teams, they will have access to a web app that we will created. Meanwhile, the spectators interact with actors playing hosts and judges, and help determine the course and outcome of the game.

The duo will try again and again to find possible reasons and present them from a variety of different perspectives as to create a piece which is politically correct and to which no cancellation label can be assigned.

The different hypotheses will confront the audience with feminism, trans-sexuality, domestic violence, gender issues, obesity, the housing market, cyberbullying, suicide, social media, and national politics.