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Rivers of Grief (FILM)

Film & TV

Feature film.

140 minutes

Pre production. Planning to be soot in november 2021

Writer and co director.

Resume: Rivers of Grief recounts the odyssey of a lawyer, Federico Leyva, who leads forward an investigation that uncovered six cases of sexual abuse which occurred over the span of over  a decade. Santo, a watchmaker, moneylender, stalked and cornered his victims – girls in between the ages of 12 and 14 years old –  with elegance and chivalry to conquer their trust, to then reveal his true face, the face of an abuser, of a pedophile, who hid his actions and the paternity of his now unrecognizable children, with the help of religion and money, as well as political and social influences. The reconstruction of the story of the victims takes place during the Riosucio Carnival, which invites, through a festival of booming sound and colors, to accept that the damage is irreparable, but justice will arrive,  and will comply.

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